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Benjamin Moore Neutral Paint is sold at Atlantic Paint in Langley. Neutral colors are ones that fall into the category of not belonging to a particular color family. If a color scheme can’t be described as yellow, orange, blue, pink, green, turquoise, or red, etc. then the shade may fall into the neutral category. Neutral tones include ivory, beige, brown, wood tones, white, grey, and cream. This category consists of everything from fabrics, walls, exterior buildings, roofs, accessories and flooring. Neutral colors can be blended together to create a relaxing mood. Some people prefer to mix neutral colors with brighter tones. Neutrals, like all colors, come in dark, medium, or light tones. They create a contrasting combination of light and dark. Natural is a common description for neutral colors. These colors often appear in nature. Dead tree trunks, dried grass, bark, plant vines and other organic materials that have been sun- bleached including driftwood are popular neutral items. Neutral interiors are popular. If you have created a neutral mood with your paint and furniture colors, you may be someone who is considered to play situations safely, and not rock the boat. If you are not going to make a bold décor statement or wardrobe statement, you may not make a bold statement about your needs or yourself. What this means in your life will depend on which room you are in. If neutral colors are throughout your whole home, you are careful in displaying emotion and passion in all areas of your life. Neutral bedroom tones may signify neutrality within your intimate life. This can transcend into relationships people are in or whether they commit to a relationship at all. Those who are attracted to neutral colors may prefer to play things safely in their love relationships. Neutral color choices in a person’s bathroom are thought to represent people who prefer to keep their emotions neutral and private. It is for people who may keep their emotions easily contained and prefer not to show them. According to color psychology, if neutral colors are showcased in your living room, you may present a conservative appearance and hide your real feelings. Presenting a neutral face to the world can be reflected. Neutrals are considered a safe be by people who are concerned about picking colors that don’t harmonize or coordinate well. Fears of being unable to take risks about colors can display themselves by fear of displaying emotion or intimacy. Neutral colors can present a classic European aesthetic. Neutral tones may indicate a lack of passion, sentiment, enthusiasm, or opinion. Although neutral colors can create a classic European look, they can also indicate a lack of enthusiasm, passion, opinion, or sentiment. Paler neutral shades can deliver a lighter mood, while deeper neutral shades can create a heavier mood. Neutral color lovers may be considered to be boring individuals who are shy with decision making and sharing their feelings. They may pursue a non-committed view towards life to be able to switch sides whenever they can; often preferring whichever is most non-confrontational. Of course, if your home is neutral and you adore it, by all means, keep it the same. It simply implies that when it comes to decorating, this is your comfort zone.

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