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Benjamin Moore Purple Paint is sold at Atlantic Paint in Langley. Spirituality and imagination are defined by the color purple. It is a color worn by royalty that stimulates high ideals and the imagination. It enables us to connect to our deeper feelings as it is considered to be an introspective shade. While purple and violet are similar, there are key differences. Violet appears in the rainbow or visible light spectrum. Purple is created by mixing the colors blue and red. Violet has the highest vibration visibility within the visible color spectrum. Violet is less intense in comparison to purple. However, both colors offer a similar essence. The names are interchangeable and the color meanings are similar. Both contain the strength and energy-related to red combined with the integrity and spirituality offered by blue. This union of colors represents the spiritual and the physical with the union of the soul and the body. Violet or purple helps those who are seeking spiritual fulfillment and the meaning of life. It generates our awareness and enables us to connect to higher consciousness. This color is associated with soul transformation and many global philosophers are attracted to purple for this reason. Violet and purple represent the future in terms of color meaning. The dreams and imagination come together as the emotions become calm. Purple and violet are considered to enhance spiritual enlightenment and psychic ability. Simultaneously, these colors keep us grounded and secure. Violet relates to the need to escape reality from life’s practicalities and enter the fantasy world. It is associated with the daydreamer personality and escaping from reality. Purple is associated with the amethyst gemstone and sobriety. It delivers a stable peace of mind and positive mental balance. This color links the physical and spiritual worlds between activity and thought. Purple and violet support the practice of meditation. These colors are associated with the crown chakra. Violet inspires selfless and unconditional love. It encourages compassion and sensitivity and is devoid of ego. Violet is sensitive to all kinds of global pollution including noise pollution, food pollution, air pollution and visual pollution. This delicate sensitivity may make violet more vulnerable and susceptible to potential allergies or illnesses. Violet seeks originality, inspiration and creative pursuits throughout a variety of endeavors. It enjoys being one-of-a-kind, independent and individual, instead of being one of the crowd. Violet inspires poets, artists, writers, psychics and musicians with its mystery, creativity and magic. Purple power demands respect. It features a rich quality of self-assuredness and leadership. Hence, its’ association with nobility and royalty, the color is commonly associated with extravagance, wealth and luxury.

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